Welcome to your DREAM Space

You’ve been seeking clarity and peace in your home, and I’m here to help you uncover it. A clutter-free space will help you thrive and feel more at ease, confident and comfortable — which is exactly how you’re supposed to feel.

I’ll come to your home and work with you (or we’ll work together virtually) to create a space you love. You don’t have to do it alone.

And when it’s all finished, you’ll have a space you could only have dreamed of.

How It Works  

The concept behind creating your DREAM Space goes beyond just decluttering and organizing. I work with homeowners who are ready to tidy up their space as well as their mindset and habits. 

If you’re ready to dive deep with me, let’s do it.

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1. I’ll be your guide, your accountability
     partner, and take you step by step as
     we declutter and purge your space to
     make room for your new lifestyle.

2.  I’ll work with you to declutter your
     mindset and gain clarity on the sticky
     spots in your life that has been
     affecting the state of your home.

     This will not only preserve the work 
     we’ve done together but also directly
     impact your life long-term. This is the
     work that creates lasting results.

3. Together, we will set up
    organizational systems and a plan
    that  will equip you with the
    resources, tools and, routines to
    maintain the spaces and easily
    restore order.

4. Lastly, if you’ve purchased my
     DREAM package, I’ll style your space
     with items you already own (plus a
     few new things, depending on your
     needs) to elevate your unique
     home style. 

1. I’ll be your guide, your accountability partner, and take you step
     by step as we declutter and  purge your space to make room for
     your new lifestyle.

2.  I’ll work with you to declutter your mindset and gain clarity on 
     the sticky spots in your life that has been affecting the state of
     your home.

     This will not only preserve the work we’ve done together but also
     directly impact your life long-term. This is the work that creates
     lasting results.

3. Together, we will set up organizational systems and a plan that     
      will equip you with the resources, tools and, routines to maintain
      the spaces and easily restore order.

4. Lastly, if you’ve purchased my DREAM package, I’ll style your
    space with items you already own (plus a few new things,
    depending on your needs) to elevate your unique home style. 

What to Expect:

Pricing Options

Dream Package

Professional Home



investment starts at $1,997 USD per space

*Virtual option available

investment starts at $1,997 USD
per space

*Virtual option available

investment - $600 USD
per session

*virtual option available

Coaching + Decluttering, Organizing, and
Home Styling

Coaching + Decluttering and Organizing

Not sure which package is the right choice for you?

Book a complimentary consultation and we’ll do a personal needs assessment where we’ll determine together which option is the best for your situation.

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Before & Afters

I have the BEST clients...

"We are extremely grateful for Jen being the catalyst to get our home organized and put together.

Everything in our garage has a purpose now and our essential items have a designated place that is easily retrievable. We now know where everything is. We look forward to more projects with her. We highly recommend Organized by Jen for your organizational needs. You have no idea what you truly value until you look at what you already have. Thank you Jen for everything!"

- Marnel H -

"Jen has helped me love my space even more.

Her eye and creativity allows me to declutter and bring harmony to areas that appear chaotic. Her patience and warmth show up in her solutions. I lived in an old house that needed organizing, raising young active teenage kids. She was able to capture my vision and solve what appeared to me as a huge challenge. My living room space is now productive and warm. She clearly has a gift!”

- Theressia N -

"Jen was beyond five stars. She understood my vision right away.

Since my session with Jen, my closet has remained cleaned. The systems she put in place make it a joy to keep the space clean and functional. Do not hesitate to reach out to Jen (while you still can), if you’re truly ready for expert organization and design. She truly has a gift."

- k. wharton -

"Jen has a caring heart and a teacher's spirit.

Instead of merely telling us what to do, Jen educated us on how to think about organization. She held our hand (figuratively) through challenging moments when we needed to let go of things and invited us to envision how we wanted to interact with our space as our future selves. I found this very aspirational."

- CHRIS Y. -

Let’s clear the clutter, organize, and style your home to create your personal retreat.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What parts of my home can you help me with?

I’m experienced with organizing all spaces in the home, from the smallest nook to an entire house. Interior styling is best suited for bedrooms, living rooms, family rooms, dens, home offices, play rooms, and children's bedrooms.


I may share some aspects of our project in case studies, but I will never reveal identifying information, as I strictly adhere to the Code of Ethics  set forth by NAPO.  Additionally, I do share images of my work to provide education, inspiration, and to showcase my portfolio, but these images are only shared with my client’s consent and never contain any proprietary information.

Will you do the decluttering and organization for me, or will you show me how during an in-person session?

Will you make me get rid of my things?

Your level of involvement will be based on the goals we established together. At minimum, I would need your input for decisions on what items will leave, what items you will be keeping, and where they will live in your home. Additionally, you will be asked to be available for any coaching aspects of our time together.

I will never get rid of any item without your permission. Throughout our work together, I'll gently guide you to reconnect with the reasons why you started this journey and the commitments you've made to yourself. We will find ways to honor those commitments while creating a space that feels organized, functional, and reflective of your true desires. Rest assured, the decision to keep or discard items always rests with you, and I'm here to provide support and encouragement every step of the way.

I need declutter help but i am embarrassed for you to see the amount of clutter in my home, will you judge me?

I am aware that there are many reasons spaces become cluttered. I aim to know the person behind the clutter and the issues they are dealing with. I am committed to serving my clients without judgement regardless of the situation.

what is included in your packages?

what is interior styling? 

Can I hire you just to style or decorate my space?

All packages include:
  • coaching
  • declutter services
  • setting up organizing solutions
  • personally customized action plan with space planning
  • time spent shopping for organizing solutions
  • labeling (laminated tape)
  • arranging appointments with other service providers as needed
  • maintenance plan strategy 
  • text/email support for the duration of the project 
  • accountability follow-up
  • donation drop-off of small items
  • arranging transport of larger items
  • arranging trash haul as needed

Interior styling is included in my Dream Space package. 

Interior styling is only offered through my Dream Space package. 

Interior styling  focuses on enhancing the overall look and feel of a space through the arrangement of existing furniture, decor, and accessories. A few additional elements and finishing touches can be added to create a unique, cohesive, and aesthetically pleasing environment.