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Hey you, I'm Jen. Professional Organizer, Declutter Coach, Home Stylist and the face behind this blog.

Here, you'll find a blend of practical tips, creative inspiration, and my personal insights that illustrate how adopting a mindful approach to organization can lead to profound shifts our spaces, minds, and lives. I am glad that you are here!

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When a young family from Northern California reached out for a professional organizer to revamp their cluttered garage into a versatile storage space, they had a clear vision. Their garage, previously a catch-all space, needed to accommodate motorcycle gear, outdoor games, luggage, golf equipment, lawn chairs, and more. The garage was narrow, less than four […]

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Are you looking to create a welcoming, calm, clutter-free home? If so, hiring a professional organizer might be just the solution you’ve been seeking. Before you dive into the process of finding the right organizer for you, it is essential to understand what to expect and how to make the most out of your time […]

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